Reserve A Table!

Hi Everyone! 

After a week of gathering feedback from our family, we are officially announcing a soft launch for our friends!

Coffee, waffles and cones are available too! 

Kindly RSVP and reserve a table here

Please be patient with us as we abide by the COVID guidelines implemented by our Singapore Government. 

  1. To ensure 1m safe distancing, please wait to be seated. 
  2. Please complete your safe entry check in before entering our store. 
  3. Temperature will be taken at the cashier. Customers with a temperature of 37.5 and above will be declined entry.
  4. No intermingling between 2 groups of 5 people. 
  5. Tasting of gelato is not allowed.
  6. Only bottled water will be served at $2 per bottle.
  7. Kindly note that each table is limited to 1 hour.

Looking forward to seeing you later! Thank you for your support! 


Miles, Joshua and Xavier